Nga Waiariki - The pools

BULLDOG This is the oldest pool within the complex. Its name originates from the growling sound it once made as the water forced its way out between the rocks. It is one of the hottest of the pools in the complex. A popular pool for most ailments.


TANEMAHUTA This pool is named after one of the deities found in Maori procreation history. It is said to be good for the treatment of burns.


DOCTOR This pool is one of the older established pools. Its size is an indication of its popularity


KOTAHITANGA This pool is similar to the Bulldog in mineral content.


SOLOMON A pool said to be the best for skin complaints.


BABY A pool that undergoes many colour changes.


WAIKATO So named after the people from Waikato who dug the pool. It is a popular pool for unwinding after a hard day at work. The pool's bubbles massage and soothe the body.


The seven pools on this side of the complex are Jupiter, Universal, Cinderella, Velvet, Sulphur Way, Kowhai and Milky Way.

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