Redevelopment and Enhancement Project

The Trust, as kaitiaki for the Springs, has responsibilities for upholding the cultural and spiritual values of the resource, its long history, and securing a sustainable future. The Trust manages this taonga for the continued benefit of the beneficiaries of the Trust, their hapu, the Iwi and for all visitors to the Springs. 

An increased use of the facility by local domestic and international visitors has placed increasing pressure on the pools’ operations and the facilities are no longer fit for purpose. It is now necessary to upgrade of the facilities at the pools and improve on its current operations: so the pools themselves are cared for and protected, to ensure a quality workplace for staff and so all visitors (local, national, international) have a safe, authentic and enjoyable experience at the pools. 

To do this the Trust wishes to realise the economic, community and social potential of its taonga advancing the Trust's vision to be self-sustaining. The journey starts with this enhancement and redevelopment of the existing pools and grows from there.

The project involves redeveloping and marketing the springs in an exciting and culturally authentic manner, which will include telling our stories, to provide beneficiaries, locals and visitors with a unique, therapeutic and memorable hot pools experience Maintaining the distinctly Ngawha look and feel and keeping the pools accessible to our community is at the forefront of the Trust considerations in the Redevelopment and Enhancement project.  

The Trust's enhancement and redevelopment project is a tangible expression of Maori changing the shape of their future in their community in a way that delivers on their cultural, social, community and economic aspirations.  

The benefits of this project will be felt by the Trust, its beneficiaries, hapu, iwi, local residents, tourist visitors, the Far North and Northland communities.





Read the Latest Redevelopment Project Document

 Latest Redevelopment Project Document



Where are we at now?

 The trust has re-positioned itself to be able to progress its development for the future and is actively securing funding for this stage of the development and planning for the next phases:

• The resource consent applications for phase one have been granted. Far North Holdings Limited, have been engaged as project managers and are progressing the building consent application.

• The Trust has been successful with its funding applications to the Provincial Growth Fund and Foundation North and has now secured the majority of the funding for the redevelopment and enhancement project.

• The Trust, through its property company have purchased the old Ngawha hotel, adjoining the Springs and are concluding the transfer of the Ginns (adjoining hot pools property, which is basis of stage 3 of the development).

• Improving communications to and engagement with beneficiaries


Project Supports 

Project Manager
Far North Holdings Ltd have been appointed as the project managers for this project.

FNHL provide a good fit for the Trust's project as they are keen to support projects in the Far North District which provides, both employment, economic, cultural and social outcomes, supports the growth of district and enables local communities.

The Trust sincere thanks and appreciation to the following organisations that are supporting us to achieve our vision.




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Wider Development - What It Could Involve...

In May the Trust held a beneficiary workshop and open day at the pools to discuss the wider development potential future plans and what beneficiaries want to see into the future.


Watch this Space for Further Development and Updates




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